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Other carpet cleaning methods leave a sticky residue that will attract and trap dirt in your carpets.

Our Anti-Resoiling residue will not attract or trap the dirt leaving your carpet looking, feeling, and smelling clean much longer.
Why Choose Ecosuds?
There are many carpet and upholstery cleaning companies to choose from. Carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners use many different methods. How do you know which is the best for you?
How fast would you like your carpets to dry?
By investing in the Von Schrader LMX system to deep clean your carpets, they will be dry faster than by any other method; usually in 1 - 2 hours depending on humidity and the thickness of your carpet.

Who would you trust in your home or business?
Did you know that many companies pay their employees a low wage and offer high commissions for "add-on" services. That's why you often get a rushed job unless you take these pricy "add-ons".
Ecosuds is an owner operated company with just a few knowledgeable well paid employees who are not on commission.

Is a healthy home, business and environment important to you?
It sure is to us. It's why we call ourselves Ecosuds.
- We use Green Seal Certified and biodegradable cleaning solutions.
- Our Blockade Stain Protector is non-flammable (the most well known, cheaper product is not).
- Our Von Shrader Systems don't require as much energy to run as other systems (like truck mounted steam cleaning units).
- Our Von Schrader units are self-contained. You never have to leave your front door open; your home or business temperature stays constant.
- We use fuel efficient vehicles, not large vans

What level of insurance should your choice of company have?
Ecosuds protects you with $2,000,000 in liability coverage..

How our Von Schrader Systems Work
Amazing technolgy from a company with more than 70 years of experience in the Carpet and Upholstery Care industry
Von Schrader LMX
Air Cell Extraction System

This system is used by the most demanding professional carpet cleaners around the world.
A dry foam, with only about 10% moisture is deposited at the front of the unit. Then a rotating cylindrical brush with more than 150,000 bristles agitates and lifts the carpet pile, while drawing the foam deep into the carpet, then back to the surface. Finally, a powerful built-in vacuum extracts the dirt, foam, and most of the moisture from your carpet.
The result is the cleanest and driest carpet you can achieve.
Wouldn't you like to have the system used to clean the finest resorts, hotels, and casinos used to clean your home or business?
Fast Drying and Safe for all Fabrics...even Leather!

First, the portable, self-contained Esprit quickly dry vacuums dust and surface dirt. Then, a safe, low moisture cleaning agent is applied. Specially designed counter-rotating brushes in the hand held Power Head gently scrub and agitate the dirt and grime loose. A built-in vacuum system immediately extracts the dirt embedded foam which is collected in an easily removable recovery tank.

* Super-fast drying

* No over-wetting dangers

* Seating goes back in use almost immediately

* No sticky, re-soiling residue remains

Fabrics dry extremely fast, giving a fresh new appearance to all types of upholstery fabrics including velvet, raw cotton, Jacquard weaves, tapestries, brocades; even leather.

This unique system's cleaning agent is only 10% moisture when applied and is also ideal for fabric-covered office partitions, carpet and upholstery spot removal, stairs and risers, as well as vehicle interior detailing. The possibilities are endless. Car, van, mobile home, RV, boat, aircraft seating and interior space can be effectively cleaned, with only minutes of drying time.
Von Schrader Esprit Air Cell Extraction Upholstery Cleaning System
Which do you think will do a safer and more through job cleaning your costly furnishings?
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Carpet and Upholstery Care
Ecosuds Carpet & Upholstery Care provides the very best carpet cleaning
and upholstery cleaning services in Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Beamsville, Binbrook, Dundas, Oakville, Grimsby, Smithville, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Winona,
Golden Horseshoe of Ontario
Watch Phil's interview on PIC TV to learn all about the unique carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning process we use.
We know how important it is to keep toxic chemicals out of your home. That is one of the many reasons that we exclusively use the
Von Schrader process
Steam” Carpet Cleaning
Despite the name, this method of carpet cleaning uses no steam. Instead, steam cleaning requires that gallons of hot water be sprayed into carpet. In many cases, just half of the dirt bearing water is removed. The remaining water can result in soggy carpet, severe discoloration, mildew, shrinkage, and damaged padding and flooring. Plus drying time can run up to 24 hours — much longer than the average homeowner or business can afford to keep off the carpet.

Rotary Carpet Cleaning
This method of carpet cleaning scrubs a shampoo into the surface of the carpet using brushes. While rotary carpet cleaning does a fair job of cleaning the carpet surface, the deep-down dirt is untouched, or, worse yet, carried deeper into the carpet pile by the shampoo. Unfortunately, this method makes no effort to remove the shampoo and dirt. The carpet must be vacuumed later in a separate operation.

Only the Von Schrader Air Cell Extraction System™ safely and thoroughly cleans carpets on-location without using damaging amounts of liquid or scrubbing action.
The Von Schrader system applies dirt emulsifying cleaning bubbles (not gallons of water), brushes it all way down to the base of the carpet fiber using cylindrical brushes (unlike rotary brushes which merely clean the surface), and then floats the dirty bubbles before they can sink back down into the carpet or fiber. This simultaneous operation combined with air cell bubbles ensures that there’s no danger of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning or mildew. Plus, the carpet is dry often in less than just one hour because we control the moisture.
What is left on your carpet after cleaning?
Ecosuds Carpet Cleaning Hamilton Ontario
Ecosuds uses Von Schrader Green Carpet Cleaning
Ecsouds Carpet Cleaning Uses Low Moisture Foam Extraction
Best upholstery cleaning system used Exclusively by Ecosuds
Our Green Seal Certification
Want some examples of what we can do?
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We are so grateful that year after year, Ecosuds customers have voted us the best carpet and upholstery care company in Greater Hamilton and Burlington
Most award winning carpet cleaning company
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