Cleaner, Healthier, More Beautiful Carpet

The Cleanest, Healthiest, Fluffiest Carpets You Have Ever Had.......Guaranteed!

Love the look and feel of your carpets again!

Ecosuds offers three levels of carpet cleaning service to fit all budgets and needs.

We believe in no-surprise pricing. We will never participate in "bait-and switch pricing" (where you are quoted a low advertised price then are told it will be much more expensive when the technician arrives).
Companies that offer low, low prices often rush the cleaning, use inferior quality & toxic cleaning products, and offer little training to their employees.

Ecosuds provides beautifully clean carpets, not just carpet cleaning.
We are so confident that you will love your Ecosuds carpet & upholstery cleaning experience that if you are not absolutely delighted when we are done, you won't owe us a penny!

Puppy on dirty carpet
Baby on clean carpet

Check our our latest carpet cleaning specials.

Baby and Puppy on Carpe cleaned by Ecosuds

Fast Dry or Instantly Dry
It's Your Choice

Tired of waiting for ages for your carpets to dry after cleaning?
Ecosuds Carpet and Upholstery Care is the only company in the Greater Hamilton and Burlington areas to offer both Low Moisture Foam and Organic Dry Processes.
Learn about both processes here:


Low Moisture Foam Carpet Cleaning

Our most popular carpet cleaning service. Don't settle for old fashioned steam cleaning that leaves your carpet over wet. Our process uses Air Cell Extraction Technology dries much faster than steam cleaning and is very
environmently friendly

Simply Better Carpet Cleaning

87,000 bristle brush scrubs out deep dirt, hair, and fur while fluffing up your carpet.
Powerful built-in vacuum sucks out all the dirty foam, grime, hair, fur, and soil.
Less water so your carpets dry faster.

Ecosuds Carpet Cleaning Technician with Von Schrader LMX

Your Greener and Healthier Choice

Green Seal Certified
Fragance Free if desired.
Uses 1/40th of the water of hot water extraction or steam cleaning.

Woman with allergies breathing better

The Great for People with Allergies and Health issues.

Hypo allergenic solutions.
No toxins in solutions.
Huge brush lifts out allergens.
Sanitizes as it cleans.

Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning technology

Host Organic Dry Carpet Cleaning

The most environmentally friendly and healthiest way to keep your carpets looking great.

Carpet Cleaning with No Down Time? Absolutely

Uses Micro-Sponges, not liquids.
Two huge counter rotatating brushes scrub sponges through your carpet, lifting dirt out like a sponge on your countertop.
Powerful vacuum sucks out dirty sponges, hair, and fur.

Host Carpet Cleaning process

Organic, Plant Based
Carpet Cleaning 

USDA Biobased Certified
Plant based sponges
Green Seal Certified
Improves indoor air quality.
Uses only 1 tsp. of water per square foot of carpet cleaned.
Non-toxic and Biodegradable.

Pets on Carpet

The Very Best for People with Allergies and Health issues.

Allergen reduction:
Best at removing fur and dander.
Mold Spores by 97% & Dust Mite Allergen by 89%

Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning technology

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