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Phone  905-667-5624  Toll free 1-866-340-9939  Email  info@ecosuds.ca
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Oriental Rugs
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                                                Indian Rugs
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Ecosuds will provide you with the best rug cleaning  cleaning experience you have ever had....guaranteed.
Beautiful hand-knotted and natural fibre rugs require special attention and handling. Improperly cleaned, your rugs can shrink or colours can fade.
No Toxic Chemicals: Do you want your children or pets playing in rugs saturated in toxic chemicals? We use Green Seal Certified and safe cleaning products.
Area Rug Cleaning Burlington ON
CRI approved
Oriental Rug and Area Rug Cleaning Serving Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Burlington, Waterdown, Grimsby, Beamsville, Binbrook, Smithville, Stoney Creek, and the Golden Horseshoe
Let the rug experts at Ecosuds professionally and safely clean your fine rugs using the latest technologies.
We will never submerse your rug in water or use potentially damaging steam.
We clean rugs made of:
and most Natural &
Man Made Fibres
Hamilton and Burlington's award winning rug cleaner
Oiental Rug Cleaning Hamilton
Ecosuds will clean your fine rugs in our rug cleaning spa using the latest techniques to remove soiling while preserving your rug's beauty.

Our 12-Step Rug Cleaning Process

Fully inspect your rug.

Agitate your rug to loosen loose soils

Vacuum loose soils

Pre-treat your rug to loosen stubborn soils and spots

Thoroughly clean the back of your rug         using  our unique low moisture method.

Thoroughly clean the front of your rug using our unique low moisture method.

Treat any spots not removed in original cleaning.

Brush out your rug with our 150,000 bristle soft brush system to soften and restore the nap.

Apply (optional) treatments such as moth control and deodorizors

Apply (optional) Solar Seal rug protector to keep your rug looking wonderful.

Hang & speed dry your rugs in our humidity controlled drying room.

Final brushing and vacuuming prior to rolling your rug to be returned.
Preserve the Beauty of your investment
Abrasive Dirt
Sun Fading
Don't let:
Ruin your rugs
Ecosuds are licensed applicators of Solar Seal Rug Protector. The best protector for fine rugs and fabrics. Solar Seal will provide an invisible shield that will protect your rug from damaging soils, spills, and sun fading.

Extend the life of your rugs by years!
Green Rug Cleaning in Hamilton and Burlington Ontario
Odour Elimination
Does your rug look great but smell awful?
Does your rug smell like your pet?
Do you need to get tobacco smell removed your rug?
Has a fire caused your rug to smell like smoke?
We can help.
Our powerful ozone treatment service will remove almost any odor from your rug safely and permanently
Green Rug Cleaning
Our process uses only a minimum amount of water. There is no danger of shrinkage, dry-rot, browning, or mold/mildew. Our Green Seal Certified detergents are specially formulated to neutralize and remove imbedded soil with the proper pH balance for your rug type. No gummy, sticky, or waxy residue  is left behind. This helps prevent re-soiling and preserves your rug's beauty.
Oriental Rug Cleaning Ancaster ON
Area Rug Cleaning Hamilton ON
The Safest Method of Deeply Cleaning Your Beautiful Oriental & Area Rugs
10% off all Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning or Free GreenGuard Protector plus....
Free pickup and delivery of your rugs in the Hamilton, Burlington, & Grimsby Areas on orders valued over $135.00.

Mattress Cleaning Hamilton Ontario
Voted "Best" Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company 7 Years in a Row!
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Our latest 2020 Fine Rug Cleaning Special
Valid until June 21, 2020
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