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Hand Woven Wool Rug Vacuuming and Care

Tabriz Persian Rug Care

Part-2 : In part-2 of Tabriz Persian Rug Care you will learn how to help your rug last for many years, perhaps even for generations. Hand woven wool and silk rugs from the Tabriz region of Iran, have been passed down though generation due to their timeless beauty and functionality. Here are some ways you can assure your beautiful rug will last:

Preventing Damage to Your Rug
To ensure the longevity and continued vibrancy of your Tabriz Persian hand woven area rug, it’s essential to take preventive measures against potential damage. Here are some key strategies:

Placement: Position your rug in an area where it will be protected from excessive sunlight, as UV rays can fade the natural dyes over time. If possible, consider placing your rug in lower-traffic areas to minimize wear and tear. Try not to wear shoes on your rug. Soft soled slippers or socks would be much safer for your wool or silk area rug.

Furniture: To prevent pressure marks and structural damage, use coasters under the legs of heavy furniture. This distributes the weight more evenly and prevents the fibers of the rug from being crushed. Try not to drag chairs on your rug, as the abrasion can permanently damage your rug.

Moth Prevention: Moths can be a serious threat to your rug, particularly in dark and undisturbed areas. Regular vacuuming and airing out the rug can deter moth infestations. In case of a moth problem, consult with a professional cleaning service that specializes in safe and effective treatments for Persian rugs.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Service
When it comes time for a deeper clean, selecting the right professional service is crucial to ensure your Tabriz Persian Rug receives the care it deserves. Here’s what to look for:

Low Moisture and Heat: A cleaning process that utilizes low moisture and low heat is essential for preserving the natural dyes and delicate fibers of your rug. This method helps prevent shrinkage, colour bleeding, and other forms of damage that can occur with traditional high-heat cleaning techniques.
Look for a cleaning service with plenty of experience in Oriental rug cleaning and a proven track record of handling Persian rugs. Experienced professionals understand the importance of customizing the cleaning process to the specific needs of each rug.

Chemicals and Techniques: Ensure the cleaning service uses gentle, pH-balanced cleaning solutions specifically designed for use on Persian rugs. Inquire about their cleaning techniques to make sure they avoid harsh mechanical brushing, which can damage the rug's pile.

Caring for your Tabriz Persian Area Rug requires a blend of regular diligence, preventive measures, and the occasional professional touch. By following these guidelines, you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your rug, ensuring it remains a cherished part of your home for generations. Remember, the key to preserving your rug’s elegance lies in choosing a professional cleaning service that respects the artistry and history of your Tabriz rug with the appropriate low moisture and low heat cleaning methods. If you are in the Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, or Beamsville area, you can trust in the experts at Ecosuds Carpet and Upholstery Care to provide your precious rug with the careful, customized care it deserves.

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful. If you have any questions about caring for your Tabriz Persian Rug or need professional cleaning services, feel free to contact us. Let's keep the legacy of your beautiful rug alive together.

Ecosuds Carpet and Upholstery Care are experts at keeping your hand-woven wool and silk area rugs beautiful. Our highly trained technicians and unique rug cleaning systems will safely restore the beauty of your rugs while extending your rugs' life. 
Based in Hamilton Ontario and serving clients in Greater Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, Beamsville, and the surrounding areas in Ontario.  Learn more about Ecosuds Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning here.

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